Leif Hetland was instrumental in changing my life in 2007 by helping God heal my orphan heart. Over the years, he has had a major impacted on my life, my ministry, my preaching, my teaching, and my relationship with the Father. Just when I thought Leif had finished influencing my life, he opened my eyes anew with “Heaven’s Eyes.” I could hear the trumpets signaling the coming of the King, the violins playing the melody of a romantic waltz, and kettle drums announcing entry to the room of the Father’s heart.

I have always beleived that our lineage as a world is traceable back to Adam and Eve and that we are sons and daughters of God the Father. My ministry is to lead people to intimacy with the Fathering heart of God through His love. I now see more clearly that our mission is all encompassing of all people on this earth because God so loved the world…not Americans, not Jews, not Christians, but everyone. Let me state that more emphatically—EVERYONE.

We all need to be lovers of the Father. Instead of talking about doctrine, dogma, morality, politics, etc., let’s instead talk about the Father’s love. “When we don’t show up and let the light of God shine through us, darkness rules. When we don’t show up and let the love of God show through us, hatred rules. When we don’t show up and let the goodness of God spill from us, evil rules.”

Thank you Leif for this journey. I am looking forward to entering the banquet room with a table set for a feast and a choir of angels ready to sing for the celebration.

I highly recommend this book to begin your journey to wholeness and to discover your true identity “SEEING THROUGH HEAVEN’S EYES.”

Bruce Brodowski
Author of:
My Father, My Son, Healing the Orphan Heart with the Father’s Love
Carolinas Ecumenical Healing Ministries
Minister, missionary, author, publisher, speaker