Week 22 update on granddaughter Emmy

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Today marks the end of week 22 and the beginning of week 23 since Emmy’s diagnosis. Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers. Her headaches are less frequent and less severe. She also is not complaining of as many stomach aches. God is good. She has had some changes in mobility. She is unable to walk without holding on to furniture or total support from a person. We have a wheelchai…r to get her around and a hospital bed in the living room to keep her from going up and down the stairs. She is so independent and still wants to do everything herself, so she has resorted to crawling to get around on her own. Her appetite has decreased significantly and she is beginning to lose weight. She is still taking in fluids, but her food intake is minimal. She will eat 2 or 3 bites at meals and then she is done. She has difficulty keeping food down and is getting sick every 3 days or so. Through all of this she remains happy and maintains her sense of humor. Due to her muscle weakness she is unable to create her big beautiful smile. Oh how I miss that smile, but I can tell she is happy by the way her face lights up. She is so cute when she is excited and her giggle makes me laugh. It is harder to get her out and it usually takes some convincing, but once we go she always has fun. Monday she said, “Mom can we go to McDonalds?”, so off we went for a cheeseburger happy meal with chocolate milk. All night she kept telling me, “I love, love, love McDonalds chocolate milk.” It really is the little things. Her favorite outdoor activity is still time in the pool so we are so thankful for all of our beautiful warm weather. We will continue creating special memories and cherishing every moment.

Brain Stem Cancer Cheats Another Child Of Childhood | PRLog

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Brain Stem Cancer Cheats Another Child Of Childhood | PRLog.

3 year old granddaughter needs a miriacle

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Emmy Mott

My granddaughter Emmy Mott is 3 years old. She was just diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Radiation treatment may not be successful. If not, or without treatment, she has six to eight weeks to live. PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRACLE.


We have seen miracle healings. We have experienced the glory of God and seen the blind see, the deaf hear, and the lame walk. And then it gets personal. It hits home. Your granddaughter has an inoperable brain tumor and may die in 8 weeks. You scream out to God WHY! You’ve been preaching and teaching to everyone about God’s love and a loving Father. Suddenly, you yell, “Where is your love now? I am furious with you. Why are you allowing this to happen? My God, My God, why have you forsaken me? The silence cuts like a knife deepening the wound of dispair.

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