Again, millions of children in this world will need healing of their childhood emotional wounds that could result in future emotionally wounded adults. The current exodus of refuges will drastically change the spiritual culture of the world. Look into the eyes of the children and see their anguish. Today, there is a major pandemic sweeping across the earth. It is a pandemic of fatherlessness. Is history repeating itself? Is there again a paradigm shift in the emotional and spiritual culture of this world?

By the end of WWII, about 13 million children in Europe were facing destitution, poverty, and hunger. These were children whose parents had been killed or who had been abandoned, kidnapped, or deported. What were the results? There was a deterioration of religion and belief in God to the point of what it is today. Moral degradation became part of the fabric of the social culture. It evolved during the 1960s, an era that denotes the complex of interrelated cultural and political trends.

What is the answer? Only the church has the antidote! It is a spirit-filled church that has experiential encounters of the wonderful love of Father God as revealed by Jesus and made available for ALL through the continuing work of the Spirit. Now more than ever, there is a need for the church to enter into the fullness of the Father’s love, so that we can then be channels of this all-encompassing love to the fatherless throughout the world. To be the guide posts to the light in a very dark arena.

Are we prepared to fill this need in our churches and our ministries? Are we promoting in our teachings an experience of the love of Father God that heals? Are you ready to step up and do your part in the overwhelming responsibility that will be required in shaping the future spiritual culture? God help us.