What was it like to be in the Garden with God? There was an incredible agape love of the Father for His children and an incredible love of the children for the Father. There was no fear, shame, rejection, feelings of abandonment, feelings of being unloved, unwanted, sadness, loneliness, etc. There was unconditional love, total peace, absolute security, absolute safety, absolute confidence, absolute joy, and perfection beyond belief.

As James Jordan states on his FatherHeart Ministries DVD, “The Orphan Spirit”:

Because of God’s love for them, He could not allow them to eat from the tree of life forever and He banished them. God could see sin was going to make man depraved, depressed, hopeless, despaired, and sorrowful. They would never know God’s love again as they had known. Separated from God’s agape love must have been incredible sorrow and pain. He physically drove them out. This was the first major paradigm shift from sonship to orphan. They now experienced the emotion of a broken heart more painful than any human being has ever known. To have to be separated from an incredible love. Walking out of the Garden and out of the Father’s agape love. Eros love now entered into the world. What came into their hearts was that they became fatherless. They became more like the one who was cast out of heaven. There was now more of a union, similarity, and oneness with Satan. There became an unholy alliance between two orphan spirits. The orphan spirit of Satan and the orphan spirit that came down upon the human race. As Adam and Eve walked out of the garden, everyone of us was in them.[i]

We are the fruit of their seed. Now the man called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all the living (Genesis3:20).

Paradisewas now lost and the perfect love broken. Shame came into the world.  Abandonment and rejection entered into the world. So also, loneliness, sorrow, outcast, mistrust, and all other emotions of being an orphan and fatherless. The orphan heart was established. [ii]

This may have caused a great pain in the heart of God for the human race. He sent prophets and poets to convey his heart to the people. But no one could do it until he sent his Son, who would reveal the heart of the Father exactly as the Father wanted it revealed to a lost world, an orphan world.[iii]

Excerpts from:

 My Father, My Son: Healing the Orphan Heart with the Father’s Love

Author: Bruce Brodowski

ISBN: 9780982658116, Price: $14.99. Format: 250-page trade paperback

Available through: Amazon.com

Publisher:CarolinasEcumenical Healing Ministries

Website: http://www.brucebrodowski.com/

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