Excerpts from My Father, My Son:  This is the essence of forgiveness – releasing the other person’s indebtedness to you. Forgiveness means that you are releasing the offender into the care of Jesus who is our just Judge and our Defender. Unforgiveness blocks inner healing.  When we hang on to the offense and refuse to release it, we are deciding that we want to stand in God’s place and take our own revenge rather than let our Just Judge do it. Genuine forgiveness recognizes that we do not have the right to become the enforcers of justice. To render justice to the offender, it would have to pass through us first since we are standing between God and the offender. Having bound ourselves to our offender through retaining the offense and standing in God’s role in seeking to render our own revenge, we position ourselves right in the middle of God’s line of sight standing between Him and the offender. For God to have access to the offender to bring about justice, we must release the offender and the offense out of our hands and into the hands of God, our perfect and holy Judge.